SCSI2Pi/PiSCSI Comparison

The PiSCSI Wiki lists the basic differences between some SCSI emulations. The presumably most important differences between SCSI2Pi and PiSCSI are listed below.

Feature SCSI2Pi PiSCSI Remark
Installation packages with highly optimized binaries SCSI2Pi is installed without compiling in a matter of seconds,
the binaries are smaller than with PiSCSI
X68000 host bridge Removed because of bad code quality and a lack of user interest
scsimon and scsiloop tool Removed because of bad code quality and dubious usefulness
Up to 25% higher transfer rates Measured with a Pi Zero WH (25%) and a Pi 4 (5%)
Support for SASI hard drives SASI hard drive emulation and backup/restore
Improved DaynaPort emulation About 16 MB less memory consumption (important for small Pis),
support for several DaynaPort emulations in the same network,
creation of the DaynaPort bridge can be switched off
Properties and property files Comfortable configuring of all settings without a command line,
default configuration in /etc/s2p.conf
BlueSCSI compatiblity mode Support of the BlueSCSI filename conventions
Configurable caching modes A write-through cache, for instance, ensures always consistent image files
Configurable and additional mode pages Even better driver/platform compatibility by
user-defined mode pages
Improved initiator mode Higher compatibility with the SCSI standard, new and improved tools
Scripting support s2pctl and s2pexec can execute command scripts
Management with SCSI commands The connected computer can control SCSI2PI with SCSI commands
Improved and extended logging Improved error analysis capabilities
Optional compilation of device types Faster compilation when not all device types are required
Tool for sending SCSI or SASI commands Sending any command to a device,
the results are displayed or saved
Tools for advanced testing SCSI commands can be tested without Pi hardware on a PC
Programs can be launched without sudo When installing the binary packages or after sudo make install
Additional functions for the SCSI Control App SCSI Control since version 5.1 offers additional functions

The SCSI2Pi news provide information on more new features.

Several partly open for a long time PiSCSI tickets on GitHub (bugs and requests for enhancement) have been addressed by SCSI2Pi.

PiSCSI Ticket Remark
335 Improved caching, optional write-through cache
479 Support for READ/WRITE LONG
598 Dynamic MAC address for the DaynaPort
740 Installation packages with binaries
809 Support for SASI hard drives
1260 Consistent code formatting and conventions
1331 DaynaPort bridge for Bookworm
1402, 1410, 1412 DEC Alpha compatibility, changes in PiSCSI were discarded